Brenda Chalifoux-Luscombe is a self-taught pyrographic and scratchboard artist who works from her studio in Union Bay, BC on beautiful Vancouver Island. Brenda specializes in fantasy and wildlife art, creating wonderfully detailed works of art using a variety of wood, gourds, paper and other media. Over her artistic career, Brenda’s other artworks have included graphite drawings, 3D sculptures and altered books.


Gourd Fusion Competition 

2012 Third Place - Gourd Piece

Canada and USA

  "Humpty Dumpty"

"Dancing in the Moonlight" Herons

Scratchboard - Story The moon has set early over the marsh, and clouds have veiled the constellations. In the pitch of blackness, two herons stand still, as herons have stood for millenia. Fish dart in the inky shadow, sensed but not seen. The moon peaks from behind the clouds exposing a school of shiners. With lightning thrust, the male seizes two minnows in the twin-prolonged spear and offers them to his make in a "dance in the moonlight"